by by Cara S.

Summary: She takes action
Rating: PG
Classification: Poem, possibly V
Keywords: A
Spoilers: Pilot
Author's Notes: Everytime I watch this certain episode (One Son, no there aren't any spoilers), I get this extra boost of angst. It's happened twice, and everytime it gets worse. I'd hate to see the third time...


Why was I supposed to make the first move?

Was I expected to?

Just because I came into this partnership as the non-believer, it didn't mean you were going to open my eyes.

But something did happen

all the cliches happened and fate smirked. I fell with my eyes closed.

It was fun for a while.

I kept my mouth shut and my ears open. Waiting for the day when you would make the change yourself.

Maybe you did.


Maybe inside all those innuendoes, I missed it.

Or maybe you thought I had made it already.

That chilly March night where

I saw trust.

Did you see lust?

I could tell myself that I missed out.


I could deny it.


Would I be that sad?


Just remember the next time you close your eyes and turn your head

I'll be gone.



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