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This is a page where you can link to all the stories that have an illustration on my site.
I will try and keep up with new links, but you may also find links to individual stories below thumbnails on the illustrations pages.
Please note that I have asked permission to archive these stories. If you wish to archive a story, please contact the author that wrote it.


360 Maple Grove by Riva

Action by Cara S.
After the Fall by Foxsong
And I Rise by Leslie Sholly
Apogee by Brandon Ray
Automaton Has Left the Building by GA Parker

Bitter Harvest by Mickelle Kiefer**
Bullpen Melody by Cara S.

Chaud et Froid, la Vie et la Mort by Cara S.
Cherish the Distance by Branwell
Cold Hands, Warm Heart by I Want to Believe**
Contretemps by dtg

The Damascus Files: File 1 by Katvictory
The Damascus Files: File 2 by Katvictory
The Damascus Files: File 3 by Katvictory
Dark Reflection by Dawn Zemke & Sally Bahnsen Part 1, Part 2
The Death of Me Yet by JoAnn Lassiter**
Death Will Be Our Darling by Deborah Goldstein
Deliver Me by Cathi K.
Devil's Advocate by Vickie Moseley & Susan Proto Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
DKS Loses Control by Nicole J
Dreamscape by Alien Girl and Riva Lawson

Fall From Grace by Brooke Kahlo*
Fall From Grace II: Blame it on Me by Brooke Kahlo*

Finding Zuzu's Petals by Katvictory
The Firestorm by the VS10 Producers
The Frü Files? by Christine Kwiecinski

Good Night by Rocketman**
Guardian Angel by Lee Burwasser

Her Name on the Door by Lee Burwasser

I Hold No Closure by Cara S.

Justice, Interrupted by Sally Bahnsen & Dawn Part 1
, Part 2

Legacy by Suzanne Bickerstaffe & dtg
Lifting Haze by Cara S.
The Long and Winding Road by Barbara Cox
Love's Savage Sea Spray: An X-Files Pirate Saga by The X-Centric Writing Collective

Malus Genius by Plausible Deniability and Maybe Amanda
Mirror, Mirror by Vickie Moseley & Susan Proto

Necessary Evil by dtg
Nightmare #7 by Chris Adams

On Angel Wings by Leslie Sholly
Over a Barrel - Ch 1, by Cory G., Ch 2, by Barb, Ch 3, by soo, Ch 4, by CathyB, Ch 5, by NicoleJ

Paphian Dreams by Politic X

Redemption I: Glass Warrior by Brooke Kahlo*
Redemption II: Temporary Psychosis by Brooke Kahlo*
Redemption III: Desperation by Brooke Kahlo*

Remembrance by FBI_Woman
Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Have Left the Building by GA Parker

Seance by Spider Angel
She's the One - Ch 1, by GS, Ch 2 by DanaNOTScully, Ch 3 by Catriona: The Truth Beacon, Ch 4, by Amanda B, Ch 5, by Leanna a.k.a. LC Shipper
Ship Building by Jess
Smoke on the Water by Miss Elise
Spin by Maureen S. O'Brien
The Strange Tale of Starbuck and Truthseeker by Chris Adams

Task Force Vignettes by Lee Burwasser
Touch by darkstar
The Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple by Cara S.
Twenty-Nine Years by Brooke Kahlo*

Unexpected Gifts by FBI_Woman and Tissa
Unravelling by RocketMan

Valse Lente by Shoshana
Vigilante Vinettes by Lee Burwasser


Waiting by Chelsea Brand
Walk Like a Man by Windsinger
Winter I by Branwell



*Author has requested that I remove archived stories from this site, however, illustrations for the stories are still displayed.
**Indicates a link to another website.


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